Love knows no borders
The idea of dating a foreigner can be both exciting and scary. On the one hand, you get bragging rights for days. I mean how fun would it be to casually (and very intentionally) drop the occasional ‘my German girlfriend’ or ‘my British boo’ in any conversation? However, dating a foreigner is not all fun country name dropping and exotic happily ever afters.

Here are a few things you need to know before you pack your bags full of enthusiasm and jump onto this bandwagon.

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1. Sacrifice and compromise are inevitable
You need to be ready for sacrifices and compromises in all types of relationships if you want to make it work. However, with the geographical and cultural differences take things up a notch. This means giving up on things like relationship preferences and even life goals to accommodate someone else in your life.

2. You have a lot of explaining to do
Dating a foreigner puts you in a position where you will constantly have to explain and defend your relationship. You may have friends telling you it’s not worth the trouble. It could be family convinced your partner is scamming for a green card. Whatever it is, be prepared to fight for your love. It might be hard at first, but it will pay off.

3. It is going to be a learning experience like no other
You might need to whip out a notebook and a pen because you are in for the class of your life. You will learn about different cultures, countries, and languages. It is a whole lot of fun and one of those things that make dating a foreigner worth it all.

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4. The language barrier might be your undoing
The language barrier might seem cute and funny while you are starting off the relationship. Every time they mispronounce a word or use a common phrase in the wrong way you just want to give them a hug because it is so damn cute.

However, after a while, this difference poses a real danger to the relationship. It could lead to major fights and misunderstandings. To avoid this, try your best to learn their language and to teach them yours. It might be painstaking, but it will come in handy in future.

5. Stereotypes might affect your relationship
It is not uncommon for people dating foreigners to assume specific things before getting to know them. You might expect the Latina girlfriend you met on to be a sassy hot-head. Or you think your Arabian boyfriend will spoil you silly with lavish treats and extravagant trips.

To avoid getting disappointed, remember that you are dating a person and not the country. Therefore, do not let stereotypes and preconceived notions interfere with you getting to know and love the person for who they are.

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6. What is considered romantic is not fixed
The idea of love and romance varies from culture to culture. What people consider sweet in your country might not be what your beau finds romantic. Again, the solution here is to get to know the person you are dating to determine what they expect and are willing to give to you.

7. Green card scams are real
Remember those naysaying uncles and moms we mentioned earlier? Well some of them are actually right. There is always the risk of falling for green card scams when dating a foreigner.
To be on the safe side, make sure to choose a dating site that has strict verification policies in place. Take your time getting to know the person before you extend an invitation. And trust your instincts and do your best to look out for red flags despite having stars in your eyes.

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