Although Montreal is considered quite an elite city with the VIP services of all kinds, escort girls are quite affordable there. Let’s see how much they charge in comparison with those in Las Vegas.

“All escorts I ever called in Montreal, charged me less than 250 bucks an hour”, Dale shares. “In most cases, it had been possible to make it 200 or less. While in Vegas, I would have paid double.

Moreover, it comes to an official price only. It’s when you’re contacting the high-rated escort agency online via the manager. But, when you deal with the bar girls in real time, the price goes down.

Do not forget that the cheapest way to get laid in Montreal is to catch an inexperienced sugar baby who’d only expect from you some shopping for a few items or a free meal at the nice place.

Often, it’s below the 200 USD. And traditionally, the cheapest way to hookup ever is still to find a rich cougar in Montreal.  Best app for dating in Montreal. There are so many of them, and it can even be pretty beneficial to you”.