Casual sex seems to be desirable for both sides, but making it more convenient and relaxing never hurts. Find out how to comfort you and your casual partner without heavy efforts, just naturally.

  • Be easy-going, joke and flirt. Our attitude changes a lot in life, and it surely comes to hookups too. Keep it light and positive, stress-free and as entertaining as possible.
  • Love your body. Psychologists in all the world are teaching people to fully accept themselves and feel ok with their body. Well, it’s a crucial skill for casual sex.
  • Be curious and accepting. Everyone wants to feel accepted and welcomed. Often, we seek hookups exactly for this reason. Do not be judgmental or too cold and distant.
  • Try to not cross the line. Personal space matters more in casual affairs than in long-term relationships. Be interested but just a bit, and respect one’s personal borders.
  • No complaints or regrets. Good sex can make us emotional. But do not fall into the negative stuff with your disappointments or bad memories, it creates the tension.

Escort or professional women offer different practices and they use different techniques in order to seduce men. escort’s will usually wear skimpy outfits in order to attract a certain man and they might also call men by different names like “hotty” or “chick”. But the real name that they use is something that a man will find arousing. These services are great for business but not many people want to practice being a male escort in order to have sex with a woman.