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While corresponding it is very important to turn the attention about a row of important things, such as whether the person you are corresponding with is being interested with your family, your work, whether she wants to know more about you, whether the person is writing you a lot of information about itself, or not, and the most important thing, if the person is willing and showing the desire to discuss the mutual further future. Whether, there is a plan to meet anytime soon, and so on. It all of course depends on the things you are looking for.

And of course after all of those steps in the correspondence, comes certain time when we have to realize whether the time to make the final choice has come or not. And of course it is also important to know for sure that this time has come.

When is that stage for a man to realize that he wants to write to only one lady? As for example Bill had a story, of corresponding with one lady, Elena, and when he came visiting her by surprise it turned that she was married. The other girl Bill met, was not that charming in person as in her letters so he didn’t like her, although she was serious about him, but still it is the choice that will affect our entire life, that is why it is important to make a right one. Sometime we imagine someone who doesn’t really exist anywhere except our brain.russiansexy

So until the moment when you will be perfectly sure that you have found your person, it is a must to write to everyone, of course not to maniacs or complete freaks, and it is also ok if writing to only one single person, in the case if there is no time for others. It means that letters to that only person take all of your time, and it is the most interesting person if chosen among so many people, but if at some point you feel that it is not the right person for you, than a good thing to do would be to stop communicating as it will not bring you anywhere, and this way you are wasting not only your precious time, but also the precious time of that person. In this case it is easier to turn attention upon someone else, until the time when you will find the right one for yourself.

The other important problem is if one of two people in the correspondence is talking about sex only, as ti is discouraging, because at some point you stop realizing whether the person is interesting in you or in your attractive physical appearance. Usually it is mostly a female problem, but from time to time men have it as well.  They correspond with girls who might write about sex only, and the awkward thing is that they write about a pervert one, and sometimes send porn video links. From one side it is some worrying signal, but from the other side, the girl might be desperate in finding and most important thing keeping her man, that is why she invents all kind of ways to surprise and shock him, so he would stay stick to her, at least till the moment when she will feel that he is fully in love with her. It is ok speaking about sex in the letters, but eventually it will be better not to get too much into the details, as eventually you are seeking for a wife and mother of your children, and not a sex pell with who you will attend all kind of sex groups. So here it is your call to understand the things that you want from this life, to be a part of, and things that you will never agree with, or be perfectly comfortable with, we all are building our own path in life.