about Russian girlsThe concept of marriage is different in the West and in Russia. Let’s say, in America or Germany marriage means a union where both parties make equal contribution. Russians suppose that marriage is an agreement of a woman to follow her man who is the leader in the relationships.

A man is the breadwinner and warrior while a woman takes care of house and children. Foreigners think that such approach is too old-fashioned, however you shouldn’t take it literally. Of course, today’s Russian girls work just as their husbands do. Both men and women take part in family life, but men still do more of the “men’s job” while girls deal with the things which are more traditional for them.

Advantages of marrying a Russian

Russians are the most faithful wives. You can rely on your significant other if she is Russian – she stays with you no matter what. Even if you are suffering from a run of bad luck your Russian girl will never leave you. She will do her best to help you gain success. It’s such an incredible thing to have such a wife – ask the guys married to Russians! We bet they would confirm every our word about Russian women.

Dating a woman from Russian you have a great chance to feel like a real man – bring flowers, say compliments and act like a leader! Emancipated Western women consider such behavior inappropriate while Russian girls love it. They need a man who can take the right decision and initiative.

Intimacy with a woman from Russia is more than just sex. You get an awesome mix of true passion, exotic and delight. Russian women have no boundaries in sexual life. They are ready for any experiments in bed and you don’t have to ask them twice!

Finally, Russian girls perfectly know how to run the house and to make it a cozy place – they learn it at their mothers’ knees. Russian women love cooking and they are incredibly good at it. Family is the top priority of an average Russian girl. They are not keen on making careers and earning million dollars like their Western counterparts.

Of course, globalization influenced Russia a lot, but it was unable to change the core things like a strong desire to have a close-knit family. Russian women don’t mind having three and more children. Their country has been recently developing faster than in the past and now Russian families have more wealth. It led to a real baby boom.

Moreover, Russian women and Russian couples who migrated to the US, Canada and other Western countries tend to have two, three and more kids. So if you dream of a big family there is no better option than marrying a Russian woman!Marrying a Russian

How to meet a Russian girl

Social media like Facebook seem to be the most obvious answer. From the other hand social networks have a significant disadvantage as women there often don’t want to meet new people. It’s not that easy to pick up a nice Russian girl on Facebook – dating services are more effective here, without a doubt.

We are sure that the best way to meet a girl of your dream is to contact a good marriage agency. We have been working with foreign men and Russian women for many years. In all modesty, we know how to find the best match for you – maybe even better than you do.

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Russian girls deserve the great reputation they have nowadays. They are passionate lovers, faithful wives and self-sacrificing mothers. Actually, a Russian woman is the most desired girl for any man from any part of the world.