The first thing you go through after your registration on any on-line Russian dating site is filling in your personal profile. One of the requirements of the present profiles is your photo. And it is one of the first things a Russian girl sees when opening your profile or browsing through many other profiles on the on-line matchmaking site. Present article provides you with the don’ts of posting your picture on profile.

Don’t post an inaccurate photo on your profile. If you have serious intentions and you are really interested in finding a wife on a Russian dating site, post an accurate photo of yourself.

Don’t post a photo 5, 10, 15, 20 years old. Post a recent photo of you that the best shows your present appearance.

Don’t put a photo of a celebrity, famous actor, musician, person of art, etc. (unless you are the one ;-)) Always keep in mind that you will meet a Russian bride in future! How do you think she will react when she realizes you are an internet fake?

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Don’t post unflattering photo. Dirty appearance is disgusting and is included in 5 top turn offs for Russian ladies. So make sure you look tidy, shaved and have a fresh hair cut on your photo you post on a Russian dating site. Make sure your clothes are also good looking, clean and not shabby.

Don’t post inappropriate photo. You may think you have a body of a god and a nude picture can seem alluring to you, but Russian lady looks at this at a different angle. Suggestive posses, thongs in the photos will turn most of Russian women away. Save this sort of photos for the later stages of the relationship, when erotic photos would be appropriate. Men thinking of sex only are a great turn off for Russian brides.

To create a good impression on Russian ladies, choose flattering, truthful and tasteful photos. This will help you to obtain better results.