Sniffmap app opens a new era in gay dating and hookups. LGBT singles mostly seek some trustworthy Sniffies review 2022, simply because they are bored on the sites like Grindr.

As they explain, gay affairs online turned to be too monotonous and sweet. It’s time to spice them up and feel the real thrilling joy like it has to be.

The Sniffies app is so secretive it’s hard to find an actual info about it. But users seem to appreciate it for the possibility to meet strangers for NSA sex without any limits.

Strong geolocation feature

Sniffies is location based and unites gay singles by this principle. It’s easy to find someone nearby who would accept a super prompt quickie, a car date, or another spicy sex offer.

Sniffmap app never fails in matching by the geographic area, like many other sites do. One can be sure he’ll meet up quickly exactly in this hometown, borough, and district.Sniffies gays

Privacy and anonymity

Sniffies works like the Pure app, in a way. It means, all chats are temporary and mostly used for quick exchanging contacts. Messages are erased if a person isn’t responding.

One can also delete the chat once the hookup date is arranged, and there’s no need to keep contacts on. This way, one’s data never risks to be stolen or misused in any way.Sniffies singles

Kink-friendly and fun

Sniffmap app just doesn’t limit its members with vanilla hookups and relationships. One can go as far as he wants, in experimenting and suggesting things. It’s ok to be kinky and unusual.


Unfortunately, it’s also can sometimes be a pain in the butt. With millions of lgbt dating apps available to us, how do we sift through them to find the gems? Luckily, we’ve been doing this dance for years, and here are some tips to help you out.

In no particular order, we’ll take a look at some of our favorite top free gay dating apps, as well as a top notch directory of top lgbt dating providers.

is hands down the king of free dating apps. They recently cracked their 500th million user milestone, and they continue to expand wildly. This site offers excellent gay and lesbian options in both categories, and they cater to everyone from christians to Jews.Sniffies gay app

The only downside is that isn’t very search engine friendly, so if you need to meet people it might be harder than you’d like for them to find you.

A good place to start when looking for a gay dating service is , but don’t jump the gun and sign up just yet. As it was stated above, OKCupid is huge, and the more people that know about it, the more singles of all orientations it will have.

However, that also means there are more potential dates, and that can equal more relationships. It’s definitely worth a look, but don’t go signing up for every account you find. Instead, start with one of their free member benefits and see if it works for you.