Top reasons why Surge is considered qualitative

Surge is another popular gay platform with almost 4 millions of members that works efficiently and brings a lot of joy to its audience. If you want to Google real reviews and success stories connected with Surge, keep in mind its former name too: it’s Lavender app.

What differs this app from the others is how it positions itself. There’s nothing about hook-ups, pictures of nudity and vulgar communication aren’t welcomed. Surge cares about its reputation so much that all frank photos and text automatically disappear right after viewing them by the recipient. Due to those indicative nuances, Surge can be called an application for serious gay relationships.

Another fact is that many apps positioned as LGBTQ+ platforms, are only meant for gay casual sex, while Surge is extremely friendly and helpful towards exactly trans people.

Surge goes as far as providing the users with all basic services for free. Additionally to that, the ads are absent even in a free version. Symbolical payment makes it more convenient to use Surge but one can get great results without any investments.

Also, reportedly, Surge is quite safe and secure, which cannot be said about all gay dating apps nowadays. All these factors together make it an app for serious gay dating.

So how to date seriously through Surge app for gay bi and trans men if the majority of users are young and immature? Let’s see below!

Surge gay trans

Long-term gay relationships via Surge

It is obvious and logical that people look for short affairs on hookup sites and apps. Surge doesn’t present itself like that, therefore, folks have no reasons to expect only quick sex from the communication there. But since the youth is rarely serious in general, they do not look for a boyfriend either. How to establish a stable relationship with some of them then?

Surge gay trans and bisexual dating app serious gay relationships provides all technical and atmospheric conditions for that. One only needs to make some efforts and be resourceful. Here is what we recommend:

  1. Since at least 30 percents of the users are from USA, try the unusual strategy: get acquainted with folks from other states or cities. Why? Because hookup seekers on Surge app want someone on the neighbourhood, who lives literally on the next street or attends the same nightclub. Guys who don’t mind to communicate with someone distantly, may consider a longer relationship than just 15 minutes in the hotel.
  2. Show your profound interest in someone’s personality. Ask detailed questions, tell detailed stories about your life. Hookup seekers will immediately escape from the chat as they get bored quickly and don’t want to waste their time on anything except arranging the real meeting. But guys who want a boyfriend or a stable lover, will react positively and tell you about themselves.
  3. Pay your attention to someone who have just had a breakup. A half of such people use hook-ups against the depression and melancholy, but another half want to immediately start a new lasting relationship. It helps them to gain back self-confidence, make revenge to their ex in a good way, and continue a stable sexual life without unnecessary traumas. So just ask them about their previous serious relationship on the very beginning, and you’ll know whether it’s a right person for you.serious gay dating.
  4. Show your commitment and expect the same. The hookup seekers are characterized in the total absence of responsibilities and it’s understood. If you start chatting from the statement that you always take a good care of your partner and like making common plans, unwanted people will be weeded out quickly. Serious-minded gay men, on a contrary, will be attracted to you thanks to your wise introduction.
  5. Make them feel special. Hookup seekers don’t care for how long you are on Surge and how many sex partners you have had with its help. But serious daters do care. It’s much more efficient and kind of you to say you’re either a newcomer on Surge or check it only rarely. They must feel they aren’t just units of your endless gay collection.
  6. Try to define whether a person is in the topic of gay life. If not, it’s probably a bisexual or bi-curious guy, non-experienced or too playful to perceive his seriously.
  7. Surely avoid the users with empty profiles or those ones who ask for money. In such cases, stop chatting immediately and don’t waste your time on them.

If you do everything like suggested above, you’ll find a long-term mate even among younger gay men.


Why Surge app is appreciated and criticized at the same time

As we already mentioned, there is a big competition in gay dating market. Some developers perfectly realize that and offer an innovative product to their users. But developers of Surge don’t.

Surge dating app serious gay relationships are possible mostly thanks to the former reputation of Lavender app and a modern swipe-based principle. At the same time, young people mostly use swiping either as a virtual game or a tool for a one-time sex. So it really demands wisdom and patience to establish anything more profound.

Surge doesn’t add any unique features to a Tinder-like basic principle. There are no gay social network elements, no trendy bonuses and amusing ice-breakers, no mini-blogs and tests. It’s all a bit discouraging for the most demanding and aesthetic part of audience.

Although Surge provides an obligatory verification of all users, there are too many scammers and fake or completely empty profiles in the database, and administrators do nothing about that. There isn’t even a convenient system of reporting the wrong profiles. Their number is growing every year.

The app does a good thing encouraging its users to look for friendship and travel companions with its help. It reminds once again that Surge isn’t for hook-ups only. But it’s rather hard to find this kind of companion while surfing among vague profiles. So it’s vital to learn in advance how to date seriously through Surge app for gay bi and trans men.

Surge - Gay Dating App

Some interesting real stories from the users

“Surge was one of my first gay dating apps. It has been a precious experience. It has just transformed from Lavender and I used to its great results. I found so many cool buddies and a few lovers too, hoped to find a bf. But it just didn’t happen as I started to see more and more immature guys or even fake profiles there. I didn’t complain though as I was using a free version, without any payments. But gradually, the app became useless and I uninstalled it. Honestly, there are many very cool gay apps nowadays and you don’t need a semi-effective product.” (Jake, 34, New York City)

“I’m ok with this app. It doesn’t eat too much space on my phone, doesn’t crash often, and I find new guys on it regularly. Of course, it plays a big role that I live in a well-populated and popular spot of Los Angeles. My results would be probably much worse if I lived somewhere in a smaller town. I also realize there are much more modern gay platforms with amazing features. But I am a person of old habits and Surge is one of them. I rate it above average and recommend to other men who aren’t very demanding or picky.” (Brian, 39, LA)gay casual sex

“I have found job through Surge. Of course, it happened quite suddenly and I didn’t expect that. But I met an owner of a little nightclub through it who liked my photos and offered to be his central drag-queen. Wow! I am working with him for six months now and I now have many male admirers in the club as well. I think Surge is full of great chances but only for those who keep on trying.” (Lila, 31, Miami)

Surge gay trans and bisexual dating app serious gay relationships demands certain patience and wisdom, like many other specific dating platforms. But if to practice them and study all existing reviews thoroughly, there will be no problem with finding a mate through Surge.

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