ryswomensDifferent nations provide the world with various patterns of the ideal type of person. A world-famous German philosopher V. Shoobart mentioned in his great work “Europe and the Soul of the West” that every nation has its own ideal. Russia is represented by a secret of its women. The natural question arises, why do Russian women attract so much attention all over the world?

The power of spirit, moral values and principles and incredible beauty inhere in Russian women since ancient times. The best features of Russian women are considered their will power, ability to love and their loyal nature. There are a lot of stories and legends describing the fidelity and faithfulness of Russian women and their never dying patience. Men from all over the world lose their heads looking into Russian women’s eyes, faces, graceful manner of moves, charming walk and noble look. Russian women are the owners of impressive wit and are very intellectual, they are self-sacrificing and posses strong will. The spirit of a Russian woman is hard to break. Russian women can hardly be considered a ‘weak sex’, but they want to be treated like weak. They want to be weak, but for this Russian women need a strong shoulder to lean on. Yes, Russian women are independent, but together with this they still haven’t lost their femininity and sweet side. Russian women don’t try to dominate over the men and that is why the men are so attracted to them.
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Russian women are unique as they managed to combine positive characteristics of other nations: independent as English women, but not feministic; have the same sense of style and elegance as French women, are great housewives and chefs and great mothers as Italian women, punctual as German women, but together with this also possess certain grace and gentleness natural for Slavic women only. Russian women spirit is unique and versatile.