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Who are the Russian women? What are they? Many poems and song were devoted to Russian women. There is a famous Russian womens proverb describing they character of a Russian woman: “she will stop the horse on its way and enter the peasant’s log hut on fire”. This means Russian women are very strong and independent, ready to cope with their problems alone and be successful in this.

Russian women are very sensitive and very feminine and weak when they have a strong shoulder to lean against. They need a strong man by their side, not to because they are weak, but in order to feel womanly, allowing space for weaknesses. Russian women look for a man as they want a husband and a family, but actually they don’t need him, meaning they are strong enough to cope with all the problems life has to offer on their own.

The spirit of a Russian woman is very strong and unshakeable. When she puts goals, she follows her way to realize them. Russian women are used to live in tough and difficult situation in comparison to Western ladies and they are hardly afraid of poverty and different situations if they come. Russian women stay committed and devoted to their husband through thick and thin, not because they have no other choice, but because they are very committed to those, whom they love.lovelove

Their strong will deserves admiration as Russian women don’t give up even when they are left alone with kids. They devote their lives to their children and make up perfect mothers, who brought up great sons and daughters.

Russian women value dignity and are faithful to their ‘conventional’ values. Those are not always weaker; whom they call “weak gender”.Sex Russian woman comprises much more organic forces. Russian women are special species, who prefer the purity of thoughts and sincerity that they value above gold.

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